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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Next to the bedroom and bathroom, the kitchen is perhaps the most used space in your home. At SolidAce Construction & Development Corp.  we developed at kitchen design process that revolves around you and your lifestyle in order to create a practical yet stylish kitchen space. Our quality design for new and remodeling services can transform your kitchen into the one of your dreams.

Consider the following things before your kitchen project, and leave the rest up to SolidAce Construction & Development Corp.  Design experts!

Traffic Flow

Think about how hectic your kitchen can be at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime. Alleviate crowded counters with wide walkways and accessible cabinets. We also suggest wider kitchen working spaces to accommodate multi-working capabilities especially in a home party setting.

Mind the  Open Space

It’s easy to get caught up with filling every nook and cranny in a remodel, but keep functionality in mind. You want at least two feet of counter space surrounding each appliance and the sink. Keep areas clear around the stove top—imagine the logistics of cooking a large dinner with many utensils and ingredients in need of a temporary space. 

Proper Outlet Planning

Don’t forget about outlets when designating a back splash. Make sure multiple outlets are installed throughout the kitchen in areas that will be accessible for your electronic appliances. 

Plan for Kitchen Efficiency

You want your kitchen to be beautiful, of course, but it is also a work space for the cook in the household help. Think about your daily routine in the kitchen and how you can eliminate wasted steps. Clustering like items together will save trips back and fourth across the kitchen.

Doing a kitchen remodel? Please give us a call SolidAce Construction & Development Corp. at Dr. V. Locsin Street Dumaguete City or call 035 422-9478,226-2880 and our team of experts can help  in your kitchen design and remodeling needs.